Gadgetmend is an expert across the full range of solar power applications, ranging from off grid solar systems to complex projects with integrated energy storage. Within the domain of electrical infrastructure, we have significant experience and and engineering capability essential for the successful integrations of solar power to the grid.

We have experience and capacity to support solar projects from inception throughout the development and construction stages and for the complete lifetime of a plant.

Solar Installation

  • Grid tie solution: providing an integrated solution ensuring you are always powered at the same time helping reduce your load on national grid.

  • Off Grid Solution: For a completely independent power solution, ideal for remote and rural locations where grid power is unavailable or just caring about the environment.

  • Hybrid Solution: For a comprehensive solution

  • Fuel saver systems: reduce generator loads to save on fuel and allow the sun to efficiently generate more power realtime.

  • All our solutions have an online monitoring option.

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