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About Gadgetmend

Gadgetmend is an internationally based company in Kenya, U.S.A & U.K which specializes in Security, ICT and Power backup Systems. Providing the latest end-to-end solutions. Gadgetmend focuses on providing consultancy and state of the art technologies in very solution we provide.

The foundation of Security is conceptualized around the most basic of needs – Security, ICT and Power Backup. The standard defense security most commonly includes guards, fences and so on – in essence all mechanical systems.

Relying on purely mechanical systems can lead to colossal security failures. This is where digital security systems come in to a league of their own. Digital systems overcome the inherent limitations of mechanical systems and ensure complete peace of mind.

Gadgetmend merges local security threats with proven Research & Development to ensure ultimate effectiveness against security threats. With strong partners/suppliers across the globe, coupled with rigorous quality control standards Gadgetmend guarantees reliable and superior products, and we back this up with a workmanship and product warranty.

At Gadgetmend, we believe attaining perfection is a process. Having good quality products is essential. However, product selection and correct installation are what makes the entire solution complete this is what our staff are trained to do. They are professionally trained to identify security threats and recommend the right solution. We pride ourselves in service deliverance by providing the best in back up customer support. Gadgetmend strives to empower its customers to take control of their security measures by adding fingertip convenience and integrating GM products with everyday technologies.

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