Gadgetmend International Limited is a leading supplier of intelligent driving results in AI algorithms in Kenya. We’re committed to furnishing high-accuracy active safety algorithms, multi-sensor emulsion algorithms, face recognition algorithms, and other services related to independent driving by computer vision, and artificial intelligence technologies. We empower our customers to achieve the proper active safety function and fleet managers make effectiveness advancements and operating cost reductions

AI algorithm

face recognition algorithms


• Our result is holistic telematics and cameramatics ecosystem with software and structure built- in-house.

  • Our proprietary scoring algorithm and our proprietary driver scoring use proprietary algorithms unique in the market.

• Fatigue, Calling, Texting, detraction, Eye ending, Yawning, Smoking, Eating, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Over Speeding, Energy Loss, Energy Gain, Collision.

• Real-time videotape with audio and crash detector analysis

• Provides the direction in which the accident passed, the point of collision, and the speed at the point of impact.

• There’s NO better way to re-create the accidents with videotape and audio playback; frame-by-frame, alternate-by-second, briskly, accurately, and you get all the words your need.

• Automated exigency services announcement, SOS automatically to exigency deliverance.

• You get real-time energy monitoring with caution when energy is lost.

• Different drivers may operate the same vehicle at different times. Using a unique 4- digit PIN for each driver, responsibility increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving conduct and actions, including speeding, footling, accidents, business violations, and aggressive driving habits.

• Your vehicle alarm system calls you anywhere, distance isn’t an issue, and you talk to intruders immediately. Guaranteed, you won’t lose your vehicle.

• With real-time camera business violation cautions, you’ll see how your vehicles are driven and change terrible driving gestures, including lower cost of insurance and theft of goods and property.

• Your shadowing and alarm system can be covered by 3rd party, including response and exigency deliverance. Our result is a modular, scalable, and largely configurable software platform grounded on connected cameras, AI, machine literacy, telematics, 4G/ WIFI, energy detector, fatigue cameras, keypad, ETC. combined with line safety modules. You decide what you want to plug in and add latterly more functions and features.