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INTRODUCTION Turnstiles are used to control entry to a site or event.  They restrict access to one individual at a time.  This is especially important where fares, fees, or tickets are a prerequisite to entry. From a business/revenue standpoint, turnstiles enable a venue to have an accurate, verifiable count of total attendance.  From a security standpoint, they

Benefits of Telematics With Cameramatics

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Gadgetmend International Limited is a leading supplier of intelligent driving results in AI algorithms in Kenya. We're committed to furnishing high-accuracy active safety algorithms, multi-sensor emulsion algorithms, face recognition algorithms, and other services related to independent driving by computer vision, and artificial intelligence technologies. We empower our customers to achieve the proper active safety function


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Introduction Imagine for a moment that your business is the victim of a cyber attack. Your confidential information is stolen, your systems are compromised, and your customers are at risk. How much would that cost you? As it turns out, the cost of cybercrime is alarmingly high. The Ponemon Institute found that the average cost


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CCTV STORAGE OPTIMIZATION When it comes to video monitoring, video storage is just as crucial as security cameras. If you don't have a video recorder, it's the same as not having video surveillance. There will be no way to store and process the recordings if you don't have a video recorder. While purchasing CCTV

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