Are you looking for electric fence solutions in Nairobi Kenya? Gadgetmend offers the best electric fence systems and electric fence installations, which  are a common non-lethal effective barrier protection system for most households, farms, and business premises. Gadgetmend is an authorized partner for the JVA brand of Electric Fence Energizers. Contact us for the best electric fence installation services or a quote.


Features of Electric Fences

At Gadgetmend, we offer the best electric fences in Nairobi Kenya. Our electric fences have the following features:

  • They are effective physical and psychological barriers against intruders
  • Can be integrated with existing alarms systems
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Have sensors switches to adjust the sensitivity
  • Zoning provides information on attempted point of entry

Selecting electric fence type

Selecting the type of electric fence to install is an important step. We help you choose the most appropriate type of electric fence based on purpose and cost. Gadgetmend has affordable and low-cost electric fencing solutions. To get a detailed cost of electric fence installation, contact us now.

Areas that Require Electric Fencing

There are different types of electric fences for various purposes. The type of electric fence may vary based on the use. We install electric fences in the following area:

Residential Electric Fences / Home electric Fences

They can be installed on Brick walls, stone walls, concrete walls, and timber walls. Gadgetmend is the best installer of home electric fences in Nairobi Kenya and the world.

Free-standing electric fences

The free-standing electric fence helps protect your land perimeter from intruders. We use the best insulators, wires, grounds rods, and a wooden post to set up a free-standing electric fence.

Games Electric Fence / Animal / Farm Electric Fence

We have electric fence solutions for game parks, farms, and animals. Farm electric fences are installed for different purposes. This includes keeping off intruders and animal control. Get in touch with us for a site survey and quotations.

Energizes & fencing Materials

Gadgetmend is the best electric fence energizers supplier in Nairobi Kenya. Get electric fence energizers at an affordable price.

Chain Link Fence

Are looking to secure your farm with the best fencing? At Gadgetmend, we provide chain link electric fencing for farms or any other property you would like fenced.

Razor wire fences

Razor wires are modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength. They are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets.

We provide you with two main types of electric fence services in Nairobi Kenya:

Temporary Electric Fencing

This type of electric fence allows you to strip-gaze certain areas of fields, create short-term paddocks or enclosures around a pre-determined perimeter. Temporary electric fencing is also used in short agricultural projects to protect crops from outsiders’ intrusions.

Permanent Electric Fencing

A permanent electric fence is a longer-term option combining timber posts with durable steel or tape fence lines, designed to give trouble-free fencing for many years. An electric fence wire placed at a small distance from an existing timber or wire mesh fence prevents stock from biting, rubbing, or pushing against it, thereby extending its life.

At Gadgetmend, we have also offer electric fence systems maintenance repair services in Kenya. We provide electric fence repairs in case of:

  • Poor Grounding of the fence
  • Bad connections
  • Energy Leaks (energizer not working as intended.
  • Undersized electric fence charger/energizer
  • Lightening damage to the energizer
  • Cases where people are shocked by gates or wires which are near the fence

  • Problems with solar panels in a solar electric fence
  • Stapling problems
  • Broken wires
  • Corrosion
  • Vegetation growth
  • Poor insulation
  • Not enough warning signs