Led comes in various forms including regular Light emitting diodes, organic light emitting diodes and polymer light emitting diodes instead of electrical filaments, plasma or gases to create light. CSL has sourced and tested high quality LED fixtures and together with our partners we are able to advise and provide quality solution to all areas of requirement from homes, farms, equipment lights and heavy commercial usage. Be it street lights (solar or standard), bulbs, floodlights or tubes, when the correct LED of the correct quality state is used there are several advantages to using led lights over and above othe technologies.

  • Much lower operational costs. Ideally a good LED uses a tenth of an incandescent bulb or less than half the energy saving bulbs power to produce the same brightness/ lumen.

  • Longer life spas than any other light type

  • When powered by solar or backed up on inverters/ generators much smaller battery banks, controllers and few panels are required making capital and maintenance costs far lower.

  • Compact sizes and modern design with a variety of color and dimmable functions.

  • Highly durable and selectively shock resistant

  • No Infra-red , UV emission emitted & no harmful gases if broken

  • Directional or diffused lighting options

  • Instant switch on-off with no fluctuations or flickering

  • Excellent performance in warmer climates even when concealed

Solar streetlights and floodlights are increasingly popular but many fail to operate well in cold seasons due to under-sized panels or improper batteries usage. CSL sizes the system correctly and uses EU standardized equipment to ensure even greater reliability than main grid power, longer life span and with additional functionality including automation, aesthetics, and by using the right quality: more luminosity: which allows for greater distances between pole to pole (saving costs greatly) and better visibility.